3 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July with ConnectSense

Ice, Ice Baby!

With the warm temperatures this 4th of July, the ice in your cooler is sure to melt. Be notified the second it's time to run out for a second bag of ice with the ConnectSense Water Sensor.


Avoid Dehydration!

Worried about the heat and dehydration this 4th of July? Monitor your environment with the ConnectSense Temperature and Humidity Sensor! When temperatures are too hot to handle, the Temperature and Humidity Sensor will remind you that it's time for water (or a beer).


Fireworks in Your Living Room!

Recreate the magical lights and sounds of a fireworks show in your own home! With the ConnectSense Siren/Strobe, your notifications will trigger lights and sounds that can only be upstaged by a real fireworks display.



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