ConnectSense Launches Smart In-Wall Outlet at CES 2018

Taking smart home technology to the next level, from augmenting the home to building into it, while supporting voice and best in class smart home ecosystems

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ConnectSense, a leading manufacturer of home automation products, is unveiling its connected In-Wall Outlet at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Building upon the success of the original external Smart Outlet, ConnectSense has designed a hard-wired version, the Smart In-Wall Outlet. Once installed, the Outlet allows for complete control and monitoring of any device that is plugged into either one of the WiFi-connected outlets, including lights, fans, and other plug-in devices. The built-in plug detection automatically senses when a device is plugged in, and can be controlled using the app, built-in touch controls or voice control via third party devices.

The Smart In-Wall Outlet is integrated with Apple HomeKit technology providing quick and powerful access to control Smart In-Wall Outlets anywhere in the home via Siri voice commands through an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, or by using the Apple Home app. This allows for control over both individual and groups of devices, as well as allowing interaction with a growing list of other HomeKit-enabled products from many different manufacturers. Additionally, ConnectSense will be adding support for other smart home ecosystems in 2018 for the In-Wall Outlet and other ConnectSense products.

The Smart In-Wall Outlet has also been designed to operate in commercial environments such as office buildings, airports, factories, universities, and IT locations. The Smart In-Wall Outlet allows for various networking options to meet the needs of commercial customers allowing them to choose their connectivity type dependent on the network used. 
“We are focused on building best-in-class smart home devices that provide consumers with convenience and simplicity to their daily lives” said Adam Justice, Founder of ConnectSense. “The In-Wall Outlet is our next step in expanding our connected product offering allowing customers to take the next step in smart home technology from augmenting their existing home to building it in. By harnessing the power of Apple’s HomeKit we are able to ensure a simple and secure way for our customers to control their homes.”

The Smart In-Wall Outlet will be on display at the Sands Expo, Booth 42355.

For more information on the new ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet, including high-res images, or to schedule an appointment to demo the product in-person at CES, contact Kristen Mondshein at kristen(at)sourcecodecomms(dot)com.         

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  •     Equipped with two connected outlets
  •     Features on/off controls    
  •     Easy setup and configuration
  •     125V/20A commercial rating
  •     Precise power monitoring
  •     Plug detection for safety
  •     Pairing using NFC technology
  •     Tamper-proof
  •     Wiring screws    
  •     Sustain up to 6000V / 10KAmp impulse    
  •     Multiple wireless networking options                            

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About ConnectSense
ConnectSense develops and manufactures home automation products, including the ConnectSense Smart Outlet and latest In-Wall Outlet, along with a line of wireless sensors that monitor changes in your environment then notifies you by email or text when something goes awry. ConnectSense can be found at and on Twitter at @ConnectSense.