ConnectSense WiFi Smart Outlet Works with Apple HomeKit

Just plug Grid Connect’s smart outlet into any available electrical outlet, pair it with the ConnectSense app, and you’ll be able to bark out commands to control anything connected to that outlet.

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet fits over any existing, standard North American electrical outlet. Once plugged in, you can use it to automate everything from lights and fans to TVs and washing machines.

According to Grid Connect, the ConnectSense Smart Outlet was specifically designed around Apple’s home automation platform. That means the ConnectSense app can control all sorts of third-party HomeKit-enabled devices as well. Users can even create scenes and rules that will tackle a variety of tasks with one command. The ConnectSense app also has support for 3D Touch, so iPhone 6s/6s Plus users can put smart home shortcuts on the device’s Home screen.

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