What is Apple HomeKit?

HomeKit was announced at WWDC 2014 as a smart home ecosystem for iOS. HomeKit is extremely exciting and allows you to purchase devices from different manufacturers that interoperate under this one ecosystem.


For instance, instead of having to control devices such as a thermostat, smart lock, or various plugs from fifteen different apps, you can now do it under one. This is great because it allows you to build on your smartphone experience one device and one solution at a time.


Apple did a fantastic job in its creation of the HomeKit setup process as it is extremely quick and simple. In the past, you would have to hook up to devices through USB or join its access point, which was overly complicated and time consuming. Devices can now be set up in one to two minutes in a much less complicated fashion.

End-to-End Encryption

In addition to this, privacy and security are major concerns for most of us as we bring smart devices into our home. Apple solves this by offering end-to-end encryption between the iOS device and the HomeKit device.

Siri Voice Control

The most prominent feature for the Apple HomeKit is the Siri voice control. It allows for the use of very simple commands that are very powerful for both individual devices and whole groups of devices.

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What is Apple HomeKit all about? In this episode, Adam Justice of ConnectSense gives an introduction to Apple HomeKit and an overview of some of its basic features including easy setup, end-to-end encryption, and Siri voice control. What are your questions about HomeKit?