Growing list of devices compatible with Apple’s HomeKit

The true power of HomeKit is finally accessible as Apple announced the new HomeKit-powered Home app at WWDC 2016. This app will be released with the iOS 10 update that is coming in the fall. A variety of Apple HomeKit devices were made available for purchase last year after several products went through vigorous testing in order to get a “Made for iPhone” (MFi) certification,  Apple’s official seal of approval. All of these HomeKit-enabled devices will now be able to be controlled through the Home app, giving the user access to all devices in a single app and through the Control Center.

Even though some of the big companies that Apple had partnered with are no longer attempting to manufacture smart home technology, there are still plenty of qualified manufacturers making HomeKit products. ConnectSense is one the prominent Apple partners currently making HomeKit-certified devices. The ConnectSense Smart Outlet allows any regular or smart device to be available for control with HomeKit.

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