Happy 1st Birthday, ConnectSense!

One year ago, Grid Connect officially launched the ConnectSense brand of Wi-Fi sensors and outputs... and what a year it's been!

In the past year, Grid Connect has seen a lot of growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry as well as some great accomplishments from the ConnectSense brand. 

So what have Grid Connect and ConnectSense been up to this past year?

  • ConnectSense sensors and outputs have been displayed at around a dozen trade shows and conferences around the nation.
  • ConnectSense has been featured in a number of articles and blogs, ranging from large publications to individuals who have something to say about the products.
  • ConnectSense engineers have been helping other companies get their products connected to the Internet of Things through the use of custom and OEM product engineering.
  • ConnectSense sensors and outputs have been installed in thousands of homes and offices, including large installations within several companies for whole building monitoring.
  • We're on Amazon! This is cool because really, who doesn't love Amazon? (If you have a ConnectSense sensor, leave us a review! We would love to hear from you!)
  • There are a lot of exciting ConnectSense-y things in the works! "Like what," you ask? Good question! This past year we have been working on improving our current products and services so that we can introduce a second generation of our already awesome sensors as well as a ConnectSense app in 2015.

In honor of ConnectSense's 1st birthday, we are celebrating by making a very special announcement next week!

Stay tuned... you won't want to miss this!