HomeKit: the new standard for interoperability

Many of the standard protocols for the Internet of Things suffer from the significant fault that they are unable to connect devices from separate manufacturers in a coherent way. It is a struggle to get certain products from different brands to interact in the way that a smart home, by definition, should work.

Consumers must either buy all their products from a single source, (infuriating, considering the number of companies and their segmented portions of the market) or purchase a hub that can “talk” to all the devices at once. But then there is Apple HomeKit. Instead of acting as a multi-lingual hub, the new protocol translates all the languages into a uniform dialect for the benefit of interoperability, with much more application potential.

Learn more about the IoT benefits of Apple HomeKit here: http://zatznotfunny.com/2015-06/meet-homekit-the-hubless-hub/