5 Quick Ways to Check Sensor Connection

If you check your ConnectSense software and a sensor appears to be offline, there may be one of a few different potential issues. Here are a few troubleshooting tips for keeping your sensors online and for troubleshooting them if they go down.

1.      Check the batteries. There is a possibility that they died before the sensor was able to send a low battery warning. If you are unsure if the batteries are the issue, try changing them out for new ones, just in case. We recommend plugging your ConnectSense unit into a wall outlet to avoid any battery issues.


2.      Inspect the sensor cable and make sure it’s plugged in properly. Often times connection problems occur because the sensor cable came unplugged or because the cable was plugged in upside-down. If this happens, the LED on the right side of the ConnectSense unit will light up solid green.

3.      Check whether the sensor is getting a strong Wi-Fi signal. We recommend that sensors receive signal strength of at least 50%. It is easiest to evaluate this by simply testing your smartphone’s connection strength in the same area that the sensor is placed. If you don’t seem to be getting a strong Wi-Fi signal, try moving the ConnectSense unit and router closer together. Also, check for anything that may be interfering with and blocking the Wi-Fi signal. This may mean that you have to move your router or ConnectSense unit to allow for a clear Wi-Fi signal between devices.

4.      Check your router. Some of the newer Wi-Fi routers on the market have an auto-channel setting that will likely send the ConnectSense device offline. When the sensor first connects, the router gives it a specific set of parameters. When the router automatically changes its channel, the ConnectSense unit will not automatically change with it. To get your sensor back online, restart the setup process so that the sensor can access the new parameters. To avoid this problem, set your router to always remain on the same channel. Also, keep in mind that the ConnectSense Sensors are not compatible with a 5 GHz router. If you have a newer router that can switch back and forth between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, make sure that it stays at 2.4 GHz or your sensors will not be able to connect.

5.      Make sure you entered your router’s SSID and password correctly. If entered wrong, the ConnectSense platform may freeze or continue to cycle through router parameters but then never connect. Most issues with incorrect passwords are due to special characters used in the password.

Unfortunately, if your ConnectSense unit goes offline while you are away, there is no way to fix it remotely at this time.

For questions regarding the troubleshooting tips above and other technical support of ConnectSense sensors, call Matt at +1 (630) 245-1445.