Simple plug in device offers automation of household electronics

The true power of the ConnectSense Smart Outlet should not be overlooked. At first glance the device appears to be two wall sockets and a USB charging port, but once you actually see how the device is used, it becomes more than just an outlet. Lisa Montgomery, writer for Electronic House, was adamant about the fact that the Smart Outlet is integrated very well with Apple HomeKit and the ability to use Siri voice commands is incredibly useful. She describes it as “fun, easy, practical, and priced at less than $100, it’s an affordable way to start automating your home” (Montgomery). The best part about ConnectSense is that you are not limited to just the Smart Outlet. There are a variety of sensor that can monitor things such as temperature, humidity, water leaks, motion, and light. The data collected is stored on the cloud and can be accessed anywhere and anytime with the use of your Apple device. If you are interested in automating your home and having total control and security from the comfort of one app, ConnectSense is a must have.

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