Soggy Summers with ConnectSense

The return of summer here at Grid Connect has reminded us that these months are not always occupied with breezy days for picnics and bike rides. The Midwest has received a torrent of rainfall this month, causing many people to have problems with flooding, or at least a little case of the blues. In addition, the constant rain has yanked up the humidity to an uncomfortable degree, making even the sunny days rather dull and costly on the air conditioning bill.

Here at Grid Connect we understand how difficult it can be to watch over the safety of your home while your away; there isn’t much you can do about flooding while you’re on vacation with your family. That’s why we have provided our inexpensive line of high-quality wireless sensors to keep track of the house while you are away. The ConnectSense Water Sensor can alert you to any sneaky leaks trying to flood your home, so that you can take the necessary precautions before returning from vacation to soggy furniture and molding carpets.

We also have a temperature and humidity sensor; great for alerting you to high temperatures and/or humidity while you are away. This sensor is perfect to protect your expensive collections, such as guitars or cigars, and will give you peace of mind that your pets are staying cool in the house while you are out running errands for the day.

ConnectSense sensors are fitted for even more emergencies than these. Be sure to check out all the possibilities on our website: