IoT Design Considerations: Interoperability

As more manufacturers enable their products for the IoT, consumers will be introduced to many different cloud applications due to lack of cooperation between difference devices and companies. This is where the emerging IoT standards can help. Device manufacturers who support these standards will be able to ensure their products will be able to work and communicate with other manufacturers’...

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We've got 99 problems but the IoT ain't one...

To show what the Internet of Things (IoT) can do in your life, our office has come up with a list of our 99 favorite IoT applications, and we’re still going! Some of these applications already exist, and some may not be around for a long time, but we hope you have as much fun with imagining the possibilities as...

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Place Your Vote for Adam's Smart Home Panel at SxSW 2016!

Adam Justice, VP of Grid Connect and Founder of ConnectSense needs your help! Adam, as well as a few other big players in the smart home industry, have submitted a panel proposal for for the 2016 South by Southwest® Music, Film, and Interactive Conferences (SxSW) called "A smart house divided against itself cannot stand" and needs your vote! Please visit and give their panel proposal the "thumbs up!" Each vote...

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Techworld's Top 17 IoT Devices

There are myriads of devices being released for the rising IoT market. Products that cover the plane of connected technology are either on the horizon or already available for purchase. This could prove to be a bit overwhelming for the customer. A single product may have 10 nearly identical look-a-likes that supposedly do the same thing. To fix this problem, Techworld has...

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In case you missed it...

Yesterday Adam Justice appeared as a guest on the Peggy Smedley Show  to chat about the future of IoT. He talked about his philosophy of connected devices as well as interoperability as it relates to platforms like Apple HomeKit. In case you missed it, the interview was recorded so you can listen to it here:

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HomeKit: the new standard for interoperability

Many of the standard protocols for the Internet of Things suffer from the significant fault that they are unable to connect devices from separate manufacturers in a coherent way. It is a struggle to get certain products from different brands to interact in the way that a smart home, by definition, should work. Consumers must either buy all their products...

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