3 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July with ConnectSense

Ice, Ice Baby! With the warm temperatures this 4th of July, the ice in your cooler is sure to melt. Be notified the second it's time to run out for a second bag of ice with the ConnectSense Water Sensor.   Avoid Dehydration! Worried about the heat and dehydration this 4th of July? Monitor your environment with the ConnectSense Temperature and Humidity...

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Soggy Summers with ConnectSense

The return of summer here at Grid Connect has reminded us that these months are not always occupied with breezy days for picnics and bike rides. The Midwest has received a torrent of rainfall this month, causing many people to have problems with flooding, or at least a little case of the blues. In addition, the constant rain has yanked...

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Senior Outlook Today: Technology

More seniors are beginning to embrace technology to connect with their loved ones and to make life easier. One of these technologies includes the ConnectSense Water Sensor. This holiday season, gift givers can give friends and family peace of mind with a wireless and portable water sensor from ConnectSense. The ConnectSense Water Sensor can detect the presence of water anywhere before it becomes...

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What you do when you’re 10,000 miles away and your basement’s flooding

Earlier this year, Perry Marshall, a revolutionary in sales and marketing, took a trip from Chicago to India.  He had just gotten to his destination when he received a text from his ConnectSense Water Sensor that his basement was flooding.  So what do you do when you're 10,000 miles away and your basement floods? Read Perry's story here.

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How to Prevent Freezing Pipes this Winter

When the temperature drops and pipes freeze, the result can be disastrous.  A 1/8th inch crack in a pipe can leak up to 250 gallons of water a day! Leaks like this can result in flooding, major structural damage to your home and leave you at a huge risk for mold.  According to State Farm, the average cost of a claim for broken pipes...

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How to Create a Completely Smart Home with Internet of Things Devices All from Chicago

With the Data Portal, 3D-printed street sensors, the WindyGrid,  and a commitment to democratizing open city data, Chicago is distinguishing itself as a leader in 'Smart Cities.' (This reputation was solidified when the city was chosen as the host for the 'Internet of Things World Forum,' a global gathering of industry thought-leaders, this summer). On a more micro-level, Chicago is also a leader...

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