A Smart House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

At the WindyCityThings conference this year, the Vice President of Grid Connect, Adam Justice, spoke on the current standards in the Internet of Things (IoT) world. The amount IoT devices are estimated to increase to 25 billion by the year 2020. In the smart home space, there really needs to be some sort of established standard in order for that...

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The Apple Home App, HomeKit, And The Smart Home Industry In 2016

Apple has finally delivered their very own, dedicated Home app for managing HomeKit devices. At WWDC 2016, Apple announced their app creation that will hopefully be able to establish a more unified industry and fulfil the initial promises regarding the power of HomeKit. The Home app offers a variety of new features to enhance the current HomeKit experience. HomeKit will...

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Growing list of devices compatible with Apple’s HomeKit

The true power of HomeKit is finally accessible as Apple announced the new HomeKit-powered Home app at WWDC 2016. This app will be released with the iOS 10 update that is coming in the fall. A variety of Apple HomeKit devices were made available for purchase last year after several products went through vigorous testing in order to get a...

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