The Apple Home App, HomeKit, And The Smart Home Industry In 2016

Apple has finally delivered their very own, dedicated Home app for managing HomeKit devices. At WWDC 2016, Apple announced their app creation that will hopefully be able to establish a more unified industry and fulfil the initial promises regarding the power of HomeKit. The Home app offers a variety of new features to enhance the current HomeKit experience.

HomeKit will now be accessible through Control Center, giving the user complete control over their devices. Users will have the ability to check alerts as well as view third-party HomeKit apps from the lock screen. From the Home app, scenes can be created to control numerous devices at once. A couple of the new devices that will be added to HomeKit are video devices and netcams. These devices will also be accessible through the HomeKit app.

Some of the best features of HomeKit can be utilized with Siri voice commands. Siri allows the user to control devices and scenes vocally through the Home app. The ConnectSense Smart Outlet was one of the first HomeKit devices to utilize Siri before the Home app was created. Siri will now be a primary way to use the Home app, making the Smart Outlet even more compatible with HomeKit. Other interesting features include the use of beacons and geofencing, which can use location as a method of controlling scenes. All of these features can be accessed remotely through the Apple TV, allowing a secure remote access point for managing HomeKit devices.

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