The ConnectSense Potty Bot

Here at Grid Connect and ConnectSense, we like to have fun. Don't believe us? Check this out.

In addition to playing ping pong, we find other ways to have a good laugh in the office. 

Grid Connect was excited to hire lead developer, Jon Allured, a few months ago to help out with the ConnectSense platform and Smart Outlet. Not only has Jon already made significant progress on leading ConnectSense into a new generation of products, but he has helped the men in the office as well.

The Problem:

The Grid Connect office is made up of about 25% females and 75% males. The problem Jon sought to solve lies in our office bathroom situation. While the women have two stalls in their facilities, the men only have one.

The Solution:

Thanks to Jon, the ConnectSense Door/Window Security Sensor and Slack, a team communication platform, the men at Grid Connect now know when their single stall is occupied and when it is available for use.

ConnectSense Door/Window Security Sensor

The ConnectSense Door/Window Security Sensor was attached to the door of the stall in the men's bathroom. When the sensor senses the door opening or closing, Jon programmed it to send a notification to Slack. From here, the men in the office can log into Slack and be alerted the next time the stall is available without ever having to leave their office or wait in line.

The most humorous part of this customized solution? Jon named his new program the Potty Bot.

So, thank you to Jon for finding a solution and making the bathroom situation around the office much more light-hearted.