The Internet Rebooter Saves The Day at Rental Properties

Recently, ConnectSense conducted a number of customer surveys to investigate the common use cases of the Internet Rebooter. This helps us better understand the IT challenges our customers are facing so we can provide a better product.  

ConnectSense Rebooter Product ImageWe learned that a good amount of our customers own/manage rental properties. A common concern for rental properties is what do you do when your smart devices go offline? “Having to walk the not-so-happy guests through rebooting the router” isn’t always a great option and could result in bad reviews of your rental.

With the ConnectSense Internet Rebooter you can remotely monitor and control the rebooting process. The Rebooter will automatically reset when a slow or failed connection is detected, ensuring seamless connection and minimal downtime for connected devices. You can even set a regular schedule to reboot your router for security, to disrupt malware and prevent smart devices from being compromised.

ConnectSense Rebooter Product Image Stretched out


For more information, read the full article by Steve Sanders (lead developer overseeing applications and cloud development) and Jonathan Witthoeft (software engineer) of Grid Connect.


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