The Ultimate Family Tool: The ConnectSense Smart Outlet

Modern technology is beginning to change the way families complete everyday tasks, allowing for the concept of the smart home to flourish. Convenience, versatility, and safety are at the forefront of this push for the connected home; families are finally beginning to reap the benefits of utilizing smart technology. One of the most powerful, cost-effective products on the market is the ConnectSense Smart Outlet, which allows any family to create a flexible smart environment at a low price. The Smart Outlet can be used as a solution for many multifaceted applications, making the lives of parents and children much more convenient.

Parenting has never been easier with the ConnectSense Smart Outlet. A lot of children need a nightlight in order to fall asleep every night, but leaving these on all the time can use a lot of electricity. If parents try to go in their child’s room and turn the nightlight off, they could wake their children up, making it harder for them to put them to bed again. This smart outlet is able to set a nightlight to be turned on whenever the child goes to bed, then it can be set to be turned off a couple hours after the child is asleep. This will allow parents to save power and avoid the hassle of waking their child up after they have already fallen asleep.

The morning is always a very busy time for families, with kids getting ready for school, and parents getting ready for work. Simplify the morning routine by connecting a variety of household appliances to the Smart Outlet. Wake up in the morning and use a Siri voice command, such as “Good morning Siri,” which could then start the coffee pot to help the parents get through the day, start the toaster to make the kids breakfast, and turn on all of the lights downstairs. These controllable and flexible scenes can be very powerful in making busy and rushed hours of the day much more convenient for families.

Another incredibly practical application for the Smart Outlet can be found in its ability to control devices while away from home. If someone has left the house and wasn’t sure if they left the lights on, they would have the ability to see all of the lights that are on and turn them off, thus cutting down the cost of electricity bills. If the parents need to go to the grocery store and decide to leave the kids at home, they can control the lights and television from their smartphone to help create the illusion that everyone is home and the house is lively.

Utilizing this elegantly simple technology, families can reduce the stress of everyday activities, allowing for less time moving around and more time to spend with each other. Parents and children will be able to live much more convenient lives at home, while reducing power usage at the same time. The ConnectSense Smart Outlet is an affordable solution for turning any home into a smart home.