How are SMS/text messages and phone calls added to my account?

    Every sensor and output device comes with 500 SMS/text messages, 60 phone calls, and unlimited email and Twitter notifications. When you add sensors to your account for the first time, these are added to your account's available notification pool.

    For example: if you buy 2 sensors and add them both to your account you will get 1,000 SMS/text messages, 120 phone calls, and unlimited email and Twitter notifications automatically without any additional cost to you. These are added to the same pool and they can be used with any of your devices.

    Why is my sensor prompting me to enter a password in the set up?
    The latest firmware update added a layer of security to the wireless set up that will require a password to connect to the wireless network being broadcast by the sensor.
    What password do I need to connect to the “CSense” network using the Wireless (Phone or Tablet) set up method?
    The default Password is: 12345678
    How do I purchase more SMS/text messages and/or phone calls?

    You can purchase more SMS/text messages and/or phone calls by clicking on the “Buy More” button located on your account page (

    Screenshot demonstrating how to purchase more texts
    What is the cost of additional SMS/text messages and phone calls?

    Additional SMS/text messages and phone calls are priced as follows:

    SMS/Text Messages Phone Calls
    100 $7.50 60 $10
    500 $25 120 $15
    1,000 $45 240 $25
    How do I check how many SMS/text messages and phone calls I have left on my account?

    You can check your SMS/text messages and/or phone call balances by going to your account page (

    Screenshot demonstrating how to check your message and call balance
    How do I get notified when my batteries are low?

    Battery life is dependent on how often you have your Connect Sense report to the cloud. You can add a notification of low battery at the rules page for that sensor. Click on Rules on the top of the dashboard page and then click on add a rule. After selecting which sensor you want the rule to apply to, you can select “Sensor battery needs to be charged or replaced” for the rule type and pick Phone, SMS, Email or Tweet for the action taken.

    Screenshot demonstrating how to add a battery low notification
    How do I create a rule?

    Click on Rules on the top of the dashboard page and then click on add a rule. You can select which sensor you want the rule to apply to, which rule type to apply, and which action you want to take for that rule.

    How do I create a rule that applies to more than one sensor?

    Rules can be applied to any number of sensors as long as they are all the same type of sensor. You can select sensors one at a time under the “Rule Applies To” field. Below is a picture of a rule that will apply to two security sensors.

    Screenshot demonstrating how to create a rule and apply it to multiple sensors
    Are ConnectSense devices compatible with my router?

    ConnectSense devices support the following WiFi standards:

    • IEEE 802.11b - 1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps
    • IEEE 802.11g - 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps
    • IEEE 802.11n - up to 72 Mbps

    The following security and encryption standards are supported:

    • Security: None, WEP, WPA, WPA2
    • Encryption: AES, TKIP

    Only the 2.4 GHz WiFi band is supported, so please ensure your router has this band. Some routers will support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If your router is one of these, check to ensure the 2.4 GHz band is enabled on the router.

    The following network protocols are used to communicate with the cloud server, please check to ensure the router is configured to allow these protocols:

    • HTTPS (port 443), using GET, PUT, and POST operations
    • FTP (for software updates)

    The domain for the ConnectSense cloud server is If your router has parental controls or some other form of access control, check to ensure access to this domain is not being blocked.

    What channel do I use?
    If you do not know what channel your wireless access point is using, you can try entering 0 in the channel field. This will make the Connect Sense cycle through all of the possible channels and find the one you are using. We recommend, for a slightly quicker setup, you choose to statically assign the correct channel number. Every wireless router or access point broadcasts on and uses a specific channel. You can find this on your wireless access point’s wireless status page in its web configuration.
    What is my SSID?
    A WiFi network name is called its SSID. WiFi access points are always assigned an SSID which is used by wireless clients, such as the Connect Sense, to identify which access point it is to join. You can find out and/or change the SSID of your wireless access point on its web configuration.
    How do I add a new sensor using Windows 8?
    Windows 8 can be used to add a new sensor. However, with the way Windows 8 handles network interface drivers, sometimes using the USB setup will result in web pages timing out or redirection not occurring when needed. We suggest using the WiFi option when adding a new sensor with Windows 8.
    Can I use my own AA batteries?
    You can use AA batteries. However, the Connect Sense rechargeable batteries we offer with Connect Sense products were made especially for our sensors. The battery life on standard AA batteries will be significantly shorter. We recommend using our rechargeable batteries, if you intend on getting optimal battery life.
    Why isn't my sensor notifying me of low battery?
    If you have setup a low battery notification for you sensor and you are using USB power, you will not receive notifications because the batteries are not in use. If you have not yet setup a low battery notification for you sensor, please refer to the “How do I get notified when my batteries are low?” question in our FAQs.
    Why is my temperature reading off?
    Temperature readings are most commonly off for one reason. The temperature sensor is too close to the Connect Sense. If you are using USB power especially, you need to use the temperature sensor extension cable that came with the temperature sensor. If the sensor is plugged directly into the Connect Sense, without the extension cable, the heat from the connect sense board will increase the temperature reading.
    Can I change the password used for setting up the unit?
    Yes, you will be prompted to change the password in the set up process when you reach the Basic or Advanced set up options screen. Once the password is set and the set-up is complete, you will need to start the set up over again from the beginning in order to change the password again.
    My network has changed. How do I connect my ConnectSense sensor to a new router?
    In order to connect the sensors to a new router or network, the unit will need to be set up again from the beginning. First, go under the settings tab on the sensor’s details page and select “Remove Device.” Next you can select “Add New Device” in the home page and proceed with the set up from the start.