Our Story

The ConnectSense Story

Grid Connect has offered sensors for over five years, and while the products have been well-received, customers repeatedly expressed their desire for something more affordable and diverse.

We realized sensors would be incredibly useful in our homes and businesses if we were able to make them more accessible and easier to use.

By combining the cloud with battery-powered sensors and WiFi, we created the ability for people to better monitor their homes and businesses.

Our simple-to-use rules and reliable notifications ensure that you’ll know the moment something needs your attention, so costly problems can be averted.

What started as a small idea grew into something truly special and unlike any other product we’ve built at Grid Connect.

We’re excited to share ConnectSense with you, and look forward to adding exciting new features and sensors to our platform in the future.

About Grid Connect

Grid Connect was founded in 2003 as a distributor of networking products, and as our engineering talent grew, we began to design and manufacture our own products to better meet our customers’ needs.

The Grid Connect team is passionate about providing superior customer service and expert technical support. Aside from our own line of products, we also work with world-class companies around the globe to design custom hardware and software.

We’re also passionate about the sport of table tennis, and you can find us playing matches after lunch on a daily basis.

Mike Justice

Founder & CEO

Mike founded Grid Connect in 2003, with a focus on selling great networking products from around the world and creating excellent products and technologies.

In previous years Mike founded Synergetic Micro Systems, which was later acquired by Lantronix in 2001. Prior to his career at Synergetic, he was an FAE and software specialist at Intel.

Adam Justice

Vice President & General Manager

Adam was responsible for bringing the ConnectSense vision to the team at Grid Connect and overseeing creation of the product. He’s also involved in sales, marketing, and other special projects at Grid Connect.

Previously, Adam worked as a consultant for Accenture, solving system and IT problems for a variety of large companies in numerous industries.