There are lots of companies out there that build apps, they are all over the place. But working with connected hardware and smart home products is a different type of app that most companies have no experience with. ConnectSense designs, builds, and manages its own lines of connected smart home products. So we understand the challenges of building great apps for connected products.

By leveraging our integrated team our app developers are able to work hand in hand with firmware, cloud and hardware developers to provide an excellent customer experience.

ConnectSense’s team of engineers have helped noteworthy brands such as Moen, Wayne Water, and other OEMs, to design and build apps for their connected products. Our software team is experienced in building both native and hybrid web apps which help deliver results for customers with different needs. With native apps we have experienced developers with both iOS and Android apps. For other clients we leverage web apps, built within native iOS and Android wrappers. This approach allows for a more common codebase, allowing for quicker development time and more affordable options.

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